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We Need A Cleanup on Jay Taylors Pussy

See this small dick hubby cleanup Jay Taylors creamed pussy after she gets fucked by her big cocked lover. The cuck is willing to suck off his wife’s lover and cleanup the mess they make, but only if it will make her happy.

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My Woman’s Lover Feeds Me Cum

Cuckold Cleanup 031313  312 noon I came walking in from work. On a normal work day I wouldn’t be
expected to be home til 5pm, but I was feeling flu like symptoms at work,
so the office allowed me to leave early. When I walked through the front
door, I was surprised to see my live-in girlfriend’s car parked in the
drive, as she also works a 9 to 5. I dismissed it on the idea she may have
gotten a ride from one of her girlfriends, or maybe she’d come home for
lunch or something. I didn’t both to call her name as I didn’t feel the
energy to shout through the 2 story town house we rented to own.

I walked into the kitchen to pour myself a tall glass of O.J. so I
could take 2 aspirin before downing nearly an entire bottle of Nite Quil and
hit the bed. On my way up the steps I could have sworn I heard something. I
paused on the stairs and listened for a moment. I could definitely hear
something, but I wasn’t sure what it was. I crept up the steps quietly with
my ear cocked to the sound, determined to find out what and where that
noise was coming from. At the top of the stairs, the sound became
apparent. I stood in front of the closed door to the master bedroom,
listening to the squeaking sounds of my mattress slamming against the
wall. I pushed the unlocked door open in dramatic flare, and caught my
girlfriend on her back getting her pussy pulverized by one of the young
street thugs that the neighborhood town watch were constantly calling the
police on.

Dedra (my woman) was on her hands and knees, her plump ass raised high
in the air as the street punk held them in his grimy hands, watching his
thick impressive tool slap and slide in and out of her. Neither one of them
noticed me as Dedra was busy getting the life fucked out of her, and the
gritty street punk reeled in her sweet juices like a kid in a candy
store. Then I heard Dedra’s voice, screaming filth in a passion I’d never
heard before.

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