One thought on “Cuckold become the mattress

  1. Subbiah

    Fellas, be careful of what you wish for. My wife found out about my phone sex habit. She even went so far as to call Mistress Alley! I can’t hold that ainagst either of them. I’m weak and pathetic. Ms.Alley told my wife to find a guy to fuck and do it behind my back. Then she wanted her to come home and get her dumbass husband, me, to eat her cunt. She did and I did. She got fucked by some black guy and about 20 minutes later, I ate his cum.I didn’t know it at first, but as I began to taste the odd flavor, my wife held my head down there and told me what she did. She laid down the new law. So now she and Ms.Alley work together to fuck me over, and I must admit to realy loving it. It’s degrading and difficult at times, especially when she makes me watch, but my mouth is right there when that nut bursts its big load.Thank you Mistress Alley for turning me into a cuck and teaching my wife the ways of a real life Cuckoldress.


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