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Drunk husband gets fucked in the ass and plays cleanup for the crew

When brought home drunk by the female BFF of his wife, this guy is in for a big surprise. Not only does he find his wife fucking her high school lover, she humalites him by ordering her girlfriend fuck him up the ass with a strap on. But don’t worry, it all ends well. He gets to cleanup the spunk her lover spewed on her feet.

A nice dirty little story of one cum hungry bi cuckold….

We had met this bi couple on Squirt who were not married to one another but played together with bi guys, with her husband’s permission. Sweet deal!

We had invited Michelle and Ed over a couple of months previous for a foursome and it was a very stimulating visit. Michelle had taken my partner Jim’s cock in her pussy, while I fucked her ass and she sucked Ed’s massive uncut 9″ cock. The night involved multiple pairings and many cum shots. The best part for me was eating Jim’s and my cum from the trim petite Michelle’s pussy and asshole while getting fucked by Ed’s big cock.

Jim and I were horny all day thinking about the visit later that evening and groped one another’s basket and pawed one another’s ass each time we passed one another in the kitchen. Jim was hoping to get some of Michelle’s tight ass and I wanted to eat another creampie from her pussy and/or asshole as well.

They showed up promptly at seven and we went down to the family room where we had prepared pillows and blankets around the floor. Some bisexual porn was already playing on the TV. Michelle and Ed wasted no time getting naked with us and we stood in the middle of the floor kissing one another and stroking and playfully slapping one another’s asscheeks. I’m an ass lover and Michelle’s ass was hard as a rock from her gym workouts.

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